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About Dr. Leah


Dr. Leah Vanterpool is the Founder of Impact Institute, a company that empowers the masses to Discover the Leader Within developing their skill to Lead with Power, Win and Dominate in leadership and life!!  Dr. Leah is a Trainer to Leaders within various industries and Best-Selling Author of “The 5 Super Powers Every Leader Must Master”.  She is a 30-year Financial and Business Executive who is the recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and Who's Who in Finance and Industry Award. Dr. Leah is a riveting and call to action Speaker for Leadership and Women's Empowerment, and Financial Management.  Dr. Leah is the TV Host on U.A. Network.  She uses her training and experience to lead thousands to their victory by leveraging their super-power to change the trajectory of their next level in leadership, business, and life.


Dr. Leah's expertise derived from her tenure as a corporate CFO, Leadership & Business Coach, and Leadership Strategist, and managing business turnarounds. She’s a successful Entrepreneur, Author, and Impactful Motivational Speaker.  Dr. Leah has a Bachelor's and Master's in Business and Financial Management.  She has a fierce focus and determination of helping individuals unleash their greatest potential and superpower to define and MASTER their leadership style, skill, and development of a successful pipeline while defining their business goals and achieving scaleable success in process and wealth. She has helped many gain clarity of vision, shaped the right mindset for leadership,  financial aptitude, and built momentum.  She aims to have her audience discover the CEO within!

Dr. Leah has been a keynote speaker for many workshops, leadership series, business networking, corporate, and entrepreneurship events.  Dr. Leah has enjoyed the successes and gratification of coaching leaders of various industries by developing their superpowers, building synergy, discover their potential, and pursue their vision.  She engages many to see the boundless capabilities of the Leader within so that those qualities can emerge to the forefront and lead boldly in their purpose.

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